Out-of-the-box thinking

Award-winning Interior Design


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Out-of-the-box thinking

Award-winning Interior Design


Our award-winning, industry-leading interior designers will bring your vision to life


Creative and modern design that covers every detail

We work together to develop your project brief, challenging it at every stage and looking at your business and workspace holistically to create people centric spaces that promote the ways in which people work, meet, interact, and relax.

We immerse ourselves in your business and culture, examining the psychology of work and your people—enabling them to perform at their optimum. Every detail is delved into; short and long-term headcount, working practises, furniture solutions, IT and infrastructure, as well as your brand and culture.

Leveraging our global network and knowledge of best practices, the AIS design team are leaders in strategic planning, design and implementation of work experiences across the world.

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